Domestic Waste Removal

Domestic waste comes in all forms and sizes ranging form everyday rubbish that council removal services are not frequent enough to get rid off in a timely fashion, to unwanted furniture, appliances and old mattresses. No matter whether you have a single item to dispose of, or a loft full of junk, we can do the job at an affordable price.

We work with a number of letting agents and landlords who frequently need to clear a property to prepare for a new tenant. If you are a letting agent or landlord, you can trust us to clear junk from your property in a no-nonsense manner, so no time is lost in getting it ready for your new clients.

Many house clearances we undertake are due to bereavement. We understand this is a time for compassion and empathy, and we’ll always respect the wishes of the family when called to clear a deceased estate.

We are 100% insured and licensed by the UK Environment Agency to clear all types of domestic and commercial junk and we always dispose of waste according to local and national regulations, as it is extremely important to us to recycle as much as possible and minimise the need to use landfills.

Call us today for a free no obligation quote, or WhatsApp photos of the domestic waste to be removed to 07902907602.